Friday, July 10, 2009

The latest...

Still trying to come up with a name....
A dear friend suggested I use my name somehow..

Allison Curti Photography
Curti Photography
Allison C Photogrpahy

Any thoughts on these? You will not hurt my feelings. I appreciate your honest opinion. I think I like Allison C. Photography the best but just not sure about using my name... However it would me MINE! ???

I have a maternity shoot tonight. I am so excited!!! And then on Monday I have family portraits at the beach and maybe another session during the week. Also the 19th I have a huge family shoot with at least 8-10 people I think!!! Fun times are happening!!! I am so excited to be shooting again! Oh and should have a newborn shoot this week too.

Will post some pix hopefully tonight. Maybe.


  1. This is JMO of course, but Allison C. Photography looks kinda like a full name to me... Maybe no one else will see it like that though...

    If you are going with your name I still like A.C. Photography, you could shorten it to ACP in places.... It "rhymes" so to speak, but I think would stick in people's heads... Just one more idea to add to the pile I'm sure you have.... Wish you luck choosing!!!

  2. I was reading back on your other names options you had in a couple posts a while ago.... I still like Southern Portraits or Apple Tree Photography too....

    Maybe - Willow Tree Photography ??

  3. Apple Tree Photography sounds nice, and I can totally see it with a nice photo of an Apple Tree, kind of off to the side. If you want it to be a name, then Curti Photography sounds nice.

  4. i like Curti Photography because then you can use a big curly C