Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A few more to see...

Here are a few pictures of Daddy seeing his boy and meeting his baby girl! I am so sorry to say that I did not get many of these and the ones I did get, are not so good. So many elements against me, mostly RAIN! By the time he got off the ship, my camera was wet and my CF card full. I was deleting like a mad woman. I was shooting in RAW for the first time and had no idea how fast it would fill up! Lesson #1 learned! I did delete enough to get a few but...missed some good stuff! I was so upset. Then to top it off, my camera just locked up and wouldn't do anything twice! I was a little freaked out but at this point, not much I can do but get in the car and get the camera dry. I feel terrible that I did not get those precious moments. If only they had come in an hour earlier... I am planning a family portrait session with them in late April, before they move so that we can get some"reunion" pictures! I am so excited about it! More to come...

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Welcome home USS Iwo Jima!

WOW, what a day! It was amazing, wet, emotional, fun, cold, aggravating, but mostly it was awesome! First let me say thank you to Kimmie for letting me be a part of their special day. When she asked me to come take pictures of we husband's homecoming I agreed but freaked! I did not think I was ready for this. It was a blast! Kimmie has a beautiful family! I am so excited about the shots I got. I am sad to say that I am having an issue with my second CF card I used. I will be contacting someone soon and I hope to resolve it. It has the pictures of daddy seeing his baby girl for the first time. It also started raining later in the day and that posed a problem for my gear. Towards the end I was just keeping the camera as dry as possible and shooting. Who knows what I got but hopefully we will see. Here is a sneak peek of Kimmie and the kids, oh and grandma who came from Kentucky, waiting on daddy's ship to come in.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A few pix

Here are a few pictures from the beach photoshoot with Becky Breedlove. I can not wait to see hers. Not all of these have been edited yet as editing is taking me forever since I am learning as I go. But...here is a sampling of what we did. I can not wait to see Becky's pictures!

TOTALLY freaked out!!!!

I have a photo shoot this weekend. Yes a real one, just me! Not with one of my fabulous photographer friends! And to top it off it is a very important one. A brand new friend of mine wants me to take pictures of her hubby's homecoming. He has been deployed for 6 months and comes home this weekend. To top it all off, his baby girl was born while he was gone. Pressure is on. I wanted to rent a faster lens but, it cost more than I expected and I got caught up in Mike's speech (another story) and well, we are 2 days out now. I am T Totally freaked out!!!! Any tips from my fabulous photographer friends?????

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Beach shoot

Yesterday I was fortunate enough to get to do a beach shoot of a family with Becky Breedlove. It was fun and I even found myself thinking a little more creative. I cant wait to see Becky's pictures! She is great!!! My pictures are OK. I will post once I figure out how to edit. I can not seem to get them on lightroom and am having trouble trying to figure out what to do first on CS3. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

I am doing the CS3 boogy!!!

Yep I got it today! I am tickled pink!
I am like a kid in a candy shop and now...I am clueless of what I am doing and experiencing a little of the "oh shoot" now I have to learn something else! If only we had 30 hours in a day. Meghan Justice of Justice Photography and my friend edited a few pix I shot from a recent photo shoot that I tagged along wit her on. (See earlier post) It was a challenge but a lot of fun and a learning experience. Thanks Meghan for the edit! You ROCK!!! So here are a few of my pictures that I shot with my complimentary professional edit! Cute, cute kids!

Friday, March 13, 2009

A new photographer to learn from...

I found a local photographer on the Internet who does amazing work so I sent her an e-mail asking if I could shadow her. I was so excited received a quick reply setting up a time to meet. We had a wonderful cup of coffee and chat and that day I got an e-mail from her asking me if I wanted to come do a beach shoot with her, So...I did! She is amazing. Her name is Becky Breedlove of Becky Breedlove Photography. Check out her site. She is also a military wife, with an adorable little boy. And her photography is awesome! So, crisp, clear and fresh! I had the privilege to not only watch her work but, when I walked up she asked me, "Where is your camera?" She welcomed me, as well as this amazing family, to shoot, not just shadow! Shoot I did! It was a blast! They were a beautiful family. The little guy as you can see was not thrilled with the sand, which was actually kind of cute. He had amazing eyes. And the little princess was exactly that. She had a blast in the sand and loved the camera. I was inspired and learned tons and can not wait to see Becky's pictures! I was a bit unhappy with mine but...I am learning!!! I soooo want a faster lense, too!!! Thank you Becky and this amazing family for this opportunity! Here are a few of my favorites - unedited! Once I figure out Lightroom, I can play and make them POP! :) Editing will make a world of difference. Practice will too! :)
Any tips from you seasoned photographers are very welcomed! :)


WOW it has been a while since I have posted here.....
First off, I got the pleasure to not only shadow but shoot at a newborn photo shoot with Meghan Justice of Justice Photography, also a friend of mine. It was a HUGE challenge for me because light was a BIG issue, lack thereof I should say. It was a cloudy, cloudy day. Also, we were shooting a newborn and his sister who is I remember correctly was almost 3. We were working in their home and being that this was a paid photo shoot for Meghan, I didn't want to get in her way. So, I did what I could and learned a lot! However...I can not seem to figure out how to get the pictures out of my new program, Lightroom. Still working out a lot of kinks with that. So....sorry to get you excited but...I will post these pix in the future. Hopefully the near future! I can not wait to see what Meghan got! I know she got some awesome ones! Thanks Meghan for all the tips and for letting me come along as well as thank you to this beautiful family for letting me take your picture.