Friday, May 29, 2009

Just playing...

with some new actions! Ewww this is FUN!!! What do you think? Any you like or hate? I thought the colorpop was my fav as I was doing it but my favorite is the marmalade. I wonder what her mommy would like???SOOC - eww not so pretty - well she is but my picture is not!


STLactions - Marmalade
MCP Actions - Take Action on Cancer

Thursday, May 28, 2009

I can not

Get Bella Blue Photography or Bella Photography out of my head...maybe it is a sign???

FINALLY wedding pictures!!!

Here are a few of my favorite pictures that I took from the wedding I second shot with Meghan Justice Photography. It was a good time, a sweet wedding and a challenge all in one. I am not crazy about my pictures but for the situation at hand, I am pleased. I have defiantly learned lots just from the shoot and my outcome but I have lots to learn. Oh and CC is always welcomed on my pictures if it is something I can learn by!

I want...

1. UV filter for my lens
2. New lens
3. business name
4. website
5. Business cards
6. New camera bag
7. Some new photoshop actions
8. and this list goes on...

Sunday, May 24, 2009

A name...

So, I have been pondering a business name. Here is my list...

Allison Curti Photography
Curti Photography
Coastal Photography X
Beach Photography X
Southern Photography X
Southern Portraits X
Barefoot Photography X
Sweet Life Photography X
Sully Brink Photography
Sassy Girl with a Camera
A Chic with a Camera
Bella Photography
Blue Bella Photography
Palmetto Photography
Apple Tree Photography
Apple Pie Photography
Jack and Jill Photography X

After brainstorming and nothing really hitting me as "IT" I decided to start googling and see if there are business' with these same names and guess what??? Most of these are already business'!!!! Dang it! (If it has an X by it, I already know it is an established business!) What can I be???

Friday, May 15, 2009


Too many things to list...
Pictures that I edited and thought looked fabulous, look like crap!
Computer is not acting right. Can not burn a CD/DVD.
Situation I am not sure how to handle.
Don't ask! I am just saying, I am frustrated!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

How did the Wedding Go??

This seems to be the big question. So, Meghan and I were super prepared. We got there early, even with a stop for some lipstick and cold water! (I realized I did not own a single tube of lipstick and I was thirsty for cold water) The weather was nice, well it was nice for the bride but not so nice in a photographers eyes. It was bright! A few clouds would have been nice...clouds with out rain that is. biggie. The space was a little cramped for a photographer... For the bride and groom and guests it was quite nice. Too bad bride do not revolve their wedding around the photographer! I mean really, what are they thinking?? :) A very sweet wedding to say the least. They wrote their own vows. The groom was in charge of flowers and did an amazing job. The bride and groom looked amazing. It was nice, sweet. I left the wedding promptly after the ceremony and headed to the reception site while Meghan stayed back and took some pictures of the new Mr. and Mrs. The reception was at the Wyndham hotel on the beach in a ball room WITHOUT WINDOWS!!! Hello, lighting issue! We were forced to use our flashes and for me that was tough. I had to switch to shutter priority and play before I was able to get any shots that were not blurry. Glad I had a few minutes. I am used to aperture priority but it was just not fast enough even wide open with flash. I was freaking a little at first and then Meghan arrived. Once we figured everything out we were good. It actually got a little boring for a bit so we sat and ate lunch. That was a nice 15 minutes because we were sweaty, hot, tired and needed a few minutes to just chill, gather our thoughts and prepare to get to it. Oh and the food was fantastic! The reception was fun! We wanted to dance! Meghan had some technical difficulties but....I think overall we did pretty good. We took pictures at the beach after the reception and for anyone doing this, I don't recommend it. It was terrible lighting and EVERYONE was over it!!! No one wanted to pose any longer.... So...we are still going through pictures to see what we got and I am sure Meghan will have a sneak peek out soon! I can not wait to see what she got! She has to sort through my pictures and her pictures so it may take her a while. Would I do it again? Hell yeah! What a thrill and I learned so so much! I think my biggest mistake looking back it that I have shadows from the flash. I need to learn how to position and shoot with flash better. That was all new to me. I am more of a natural light girl. I also need to be a little more aware of cutting off body parts! As I go through pictures I will keep a list of what I learned and post it. to bed after a wonderful Mothers Day! More to come....

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Getting ready...

The wedding that I am second shooting with Meghan Justice is Saturday and I am so excited! I have been trying to make sure I am ready and thinking of everything. We went to the location this week and took a few pix and just tried to get to know place. Of course I am wishing for some new stuff right now.... We all know how that goes. Hoping it is a little overcast but doesn't rain. We are shooting the wedding and then Meghan is hanging back to take pictures of the new bride and groom. I am jetting to the reception site to get pictures of the reception site and food before guest arrive and to get pictures as people arrive. Pretty sure we are going to have to use flash. That will be a new experience for me! Sure wish I knew more. Then after the reception we are taking group pictures on the beach! What a learning experience. I am blessed to have this opportunity and am so happy that I have 2 wonderful photographers to learn from and with! Thank Meghan for the invite and the confidence to bring me along! I am excited and cant wait to see what we get! Any tips from other photogs???

Monday, May 4, 2009

New Props

A sweet friend of mine bought me some new props! Two new kid size chairs! So cute! He is one of them I played around with Sully in this weekend....the other is a white wicker rocker! Thanks Jennifer! You are awesome!