Monday, August 31, 2009


Being able to say that I am a photographer has been a tough one for me. I never felt "quite there". But what is it that actually makes you what you are or what you want to be? Is it being better at what you do that others? Is it having the best, most expensive equipment? Is it taking all the classes? I don't think so... I think it is when you are just doing it, your way, to the best of your ability, growing, dreaming and striving. That is exactly what I am doing. My journey has not JUST begun, it begun a long, long time ago. My journey is not coming to a end, I hope it never will. I am in the midst of my journey. I have so much to learn, so much to grow and so many dreams to achieve but I am doing it, my way, at my pace and finally I can say, I AM A PHOTOGRAPHER. I have always dreamed of this and it is falling into place. I have prayed for guidance, confidence, courage and ambition. I am more ambitious and courageous than ever! My confidence is better...and the more I do, the better I will get and the better my confidence will be. I am excited to be a photographer in an area that provides so many photographers to learn from, experience with and share with. An area that has endless opportunities for locations and growth. Moving to Hampton Roads opened up so many opportunities for me. So...I am starting a new blog. It will be It is currently under construction but I will be posting my new shoots there. Thank you to all my friends and family for supporting me, helping me and listening to me dream! I am planning to have my business up and running full throttle by October 1, 2009! Whoop whoop!!! I have lots to do but I can do it, because I am a photographer and I have faith that the Good Lord gave me this desire and gift to use it for good!

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  1. Well good for you! Go for it, you can do it. God bless and best wishes in all you adventures.. ;o)