Monday, August 24, 2009

Out of the loop...

So I have been out of the photog loop lately. We bought a house and moved and it was nuts here for quite a while. We are finally getting settled in and it is starting to feel like home. Still have lots to do. I have not scouted any places to photograph around here but plan to do so soon. Had to buy a new PC. Wanted to take the plunge and get a Mac but it is just not the time to spend that kind of money right now. Love the new PC though, especially my great big screen! Have my first photo shoot tonight in over a month. It is a family of 5 who were referred to my by another photographer and friend. Thanks Becky, you truly ROCK and Hampton Roads is going to miss you! I am excited about this shoot! Gotta get back into it. I have missed it! Still working on 2 shoots I did right before I moved. My old computer really slowed me down. Big time! Anyway, I start back today and am so busy already. I am so excited and ready to get this show on the road. Soon, very soon I will have a new is time to quit saying I want to be a photographer and instead I AM a photographer! Lots of new fun stuff to come!!! (Wish Sully was in preschool so I had more time)

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