Sunday, February 8, 2009

Today's photoshoot...

I went with Meghan today to take pictures of a 3 week old baby. She was so tiny and so beautiful. When we got there we were a little disappointed in the lighting in the house but got creative and made do! Meghan got some fabulous shots. I can not wait to see how they all turn out, out of camera. I did not take any pictures but assisted in using the reflector, holding backdrops, placing baby, etc... It was fun! I learned a lot and look forward to another shoot. Can't wait for another learning experience!!!


  1. Meghan is not only a terrific photographer, she is a natural teacher. I helped her with photos ONE TIME and felt like I learned SO much!!! I'm glad she's mentoring you on your photographic journey.

    So... do you plan to become a paid photographer then? Or just looking to acquire mad skills for a hobby? Just curious :)

    Best of luck with either one.

  2. Ha! Thanks Lori! That is so sweet! I'm glad you had fun Allison! Like I said in my other comment, next time you should shoot some too! That helps you learn a lot!