Wednesday, February 4, 2009

YEAH a possible shoot!

My girlfriend Meghan just called - she has a photography business called Justice Photography - and wants me to accompany her on a photoshoot Sunday morning. She is taking pictures of a 3 week old baby! What fun times. Afterwards she wants me to take head shots of her down at the ocean front! I am really excited! I am a little sad to miss church but maybe we will go Sunday night. I am so excited for another learning opportunity!!! Whoopy for me and my 40D, we got a date, cant be late HEY!!!


  1. Awesome! I saw Meghans preview pic, I hope you had fun!! Today is an awesome day to take pics, it is beautiful out!!!!

  2. I will be getting the rest of those photos up on my blog soon! Thanks for helping me out! I had lots of fun. Next time you should try your camera out!