Sunday, May 24, 2009

A name...

So, I have been pondering a business name. Here is my list...

Allison Curti Photography
Curti Photography
Coastal Photography X
Beach Photography X
Southern Photography X
Southern Portraits X
Barefoot Photography X
Sweet Life Photography X
Sully Brink Photography
Sassy Girl with a Camera
A Chic with a Camera
Bella Photography
Blue Bella Photography
Palmetto Photography
Apple Tree Photography
Apple Pie Photography
Jack and Jill Photography X

After brainstorming and nothing really hitting me as "IT" I decided to start googling and see if there are business' with these same names and guess what??? Most of these are already business'!!!! Dang it! (If it has an X by it, I already know it is an established business!) What can I be???


  1. How bout something with the word "Journey"

    Journey Photos
    Curti's Journey Photography
    A.C. Journey Photography
    or drop the Journey,
    A.C. Photography (has a ring) and you can do alot with ACP for a logo!!

    Goodluck!! I know what an important decision this is for you...

  2. I have to say, I joke when a child does something that is SO something his/her parent would do by saying, "Apples and trees." Very familial. So I would change your "Apple Tree Photography" up and maybe go with "Apples and Trees Photography." It implies family photography. Just a thought ;)

  3. How about Life's Journey Photography. That has a great ring to it.. You would be "capturing their life as it comes" (great catch phrase too).. Hopefully no one in your area has it.. If you are the only one in Va. that has it then you are good to go.. It doesn't matter if someone in another state has it as long as it's unique in you neck of the woods..

  4. Update, I googled it and there is no Life's Journey Photography in Va.. Just a thought..