Thursday, May 7, 2009

Getting ready...

The wedding that I am second shooting with Meghan Justice is Saturday and I am so excited! I have been trying to make sure I am ready and thinking of everything. We went to the location this week and took a few pix and just tried to get to know place. Of course I am wishing for some new stuff right now.... We all know how that goes. Hoping it is a little overcast but doesn't rain. We are shooting the wedding and then Meghan is hanging back to take pictures of the new bride and groom. I am jetting to the reception site to get pictures of the reception site and food before guest arrive and to get pictures as people arrive. Pretty sure we are going to have to use flash. That will be a new experience for me! Sure wish I knew more. Then after the reception we are taking group pictures on the beach! What a learning experience. I am blessed to have this opportunity and am so happy that I have 2 wonderful photographers to learn from and with! Thank Meghan for the invite and the confidence to bring me along! I am excited and cant wait to see what we get! Any tips from other photogs???

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