Sunday, May 10, 2009

How did the Wedding Go??

This seems to be the big question. So, Meghan and I were super prepared. We got there early, even with a stop for some lipstick and cold water! (I realized I did not own a single tube of lipstick and I was thirsty for cold water) The weather was nice, well it was nice for the bride but not so nice in a photographers eyes. It was bright! A few clouds would have been nice...clouds with out rain that is. biggie. The space was a little cramped for a photographer... For the bride and groom and guests it was quite nice. Too bad bride do not revolve their wedding around the photographer! I mean really, what are they thinking?? :) A very sweet wedding to say the least. They wrote their own vows. The groom was in charge of flowers and did an amazing job. The bride and groom looked amazing. It was nice, sweet. I left the wedding promptly after the ceremony and headed to the reception site while Meghan stayed back and took some pictures of the new Mr. and Mrs. The reception was at the Wyndham hotel on the beach in a ball room WITHOUT WINDOWS!!! Hello, lighting issue! We were forced to use our flashes and for me that was tough. I had to switch to shutter priority and play before I was able to get any shots that were not blurry. Glad I had a few minutes. I am used to aperture priority but it was just not fast enough even wide open with flash. I was freaking a little at first and then Meghan arrived. Once we figured everything out we were good. It actually got a little boring for a bit so we sat and ate lunch. That was a nice 15 minutes because we were sweaty, hot, tired and needed a few minutes to just chill, gather our thoughts and prepare to get to it. Oh and the food was fantastic! The reception was fun! We wanted to dance! Meghan had some technical difficulties but....I think overall we did pretty good. We took pictures at the beach after the reception and for anyone doing this, I don't recommend it. It was terrible lighting and EVERYONE was over it!!! No one wanted to pose any longer.... So...we are still going through pictures to see what we got and I am sure Meghan will have a sneak peek out soon! I can not wait to see what she got! She has to sort through my pictures and her pictures so it may take her a while. Would I do it again? Hell yeah! What a thrill and I learned so so much! I think my biggest mistake looking back it that I have shadows from the flash. I need to learn how to position and shoot with flash better. That was all new to me. I am more of a natural light girl. I also need to be a little more aware of cutting off body parts! As I go through pictures I will keep a list of what I learned and post it. to bed after a wonderful Mothers Day! More to come....

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  1. Well, I love the picture at the top... so if that's any indication, then I'm sure y'all did great! What an experience! Thanks for the breakdown of the day... hahaha! SO complete that I can picture it... *teehee*