Thursday, April 16, 2009

I have a question???

Where is the best place to upload pictures to share??? I am looking for a user friendly site that you do not have to have an account with. I want all my family and friends to be able to see them with out having to sign up. It is taking me forever for some reason to upload pictures so I wanted to link them. What do you think???


  1. I like long as you select the option to keep the pictures "public", then all you have to do is give friends and family the link to your main page and they will be able to see all the thumbnails, and click through them.

  2. Hmmmm... my findings... will let you bulk load them full-sized and let others download them full-sized. But it takes forever... and everyone sees and can comment on the album. Which means everyone gets everyone else's comments via email. And not everyone is okay with that. But it is free...

    If you just want others to be able to see them, then go to and set up a slide show to insert into your blog. Simple, quick, and easy. If you don't change or remove the captions, then the picture numbers show up as the captions... which makes it easy if someone wants to request a particular picture from you.

    Another site that is good for sharing, but not great for "viewing," is

    And of course, there is always Shutterfly.

    Good luck!

  3. I like, you have to sign up though...but havent had any problems with it really!

  4. Shutterfly is great. That's the one that I use. You can upload them, which is really quick, do some editing, add tags, desriptions, ect. You or anyone viewing the pics can order them on items such as cups, calendars, hats, shirts, ect. Also, for those that do not want to open an account, you just click on the 'view pictures' tab and it plays them as a slideshow for the person without every signing up for anything.

  5. I Love Love Love Flickr.. You can create sets (albums) and collections.. It is easy to organize.. You already have an account. Also there are great groups that give great advice from novices and experts.. ;o) You are doing great Allison!