Sunday, April 26, 2009

NO light..... photo shoot tonight was a learning experience. Of course that is fabulous, but my pictures were not. I had a shoot with my friend Kimmy and her family, the same ones I did the homecoming for. Life happened and they were late. Well, not a big deal to me but...the sun was dropping way too fast. I really thought they were going to make it right in time or I would have reschedules but...nope! Once they got there is was too late. We tried anyway and I truly thought we got some. We actually did get a few but not much at all. I was disappointed when I got home and looked at them. Shutter speeds were just too slow with the light we had. I did all I could. We did have some practice with "natural posing" so that should help for tomorrow night! We are shooting again tomorrow night at a different location. I am bound an determined to get this family some good pictures. So...I will leave you with this sneak peek until tomorrow night!

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