Sunday, April 26, 2009

Last Nights Challenge...uh I mean SHOOT!

Last night I was fortunate enough to accompany Becky Breedlove again to a shoot at Ft. Monroe. What a beautiful place full of history and charm. When we arrived at our meeting place and first location to shoot we saw they were having a wedding there so quickly we had to re-coup. Not a big deal since the possibilities are endless at Ft. Monroe. The buildings, trees, piers, gazebos, sand, roads etc... As we got out of the car the father of the family greeted us and we decided to head to the pier. He waved for the family to come one and out popped a beautiful wife and daughter and 2 very tall handsome boys. These kids I might add were not the type of kids I am used to shooting, they were 10, 13 and 15 and not thrilled to be here. Remember how stupid getting your picture taken was at that age??? I do. I HATED the one my mom bought and displayed HUGELY in the easel for everyone to see. I get it now. Anyway, we headed to the pier and it was flooded with fishermen. So we headed to the next pier which was empty. Low and behold 3 fisherman beat us to it. Then we headed to the sand and rocks and as we were just getting set up...a barge goes by behind us. Mamamia!!! Becky worked her patooty off trying to get these kids to relax and smile. This is definitely a different challenge than toddlers. In the end I think we got some good shots and I KNOW the parents will be happy but wow...big kids are just as hard as little. Lesson learned! Thanks again Becky for inviting me to join you and for the photoshop lesson afterwards!!! You rock! Pictures will follow later....another shoot tonight.

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  1. It was a challenge...but I think we got some great shots! You're welcome and thanks for coming along!