Wednesday, March 25, 2009

TOTALLY freaked out!!!!

I have a photo shoot this weekend. Yes a real one, just me! Not with one of my fabulous photographer friends! And to top it off it is a very important one. A brand new friend of mine wants me to take pictures of her hubby's homecoming. He has been deployed for 6 months and comes home this weekend. To top it all off, his baby girl was born while he was gone. Pressure is on. I wanted to rent a faster lens but, it cost more than I expected and I got caught up in Mike's speech (another story) and well, we are 2 days out now. I am T Totally freaked out!!!! Any tips from my fabulous photographer friends?????


  1. I was thinking you may need to use fill flash. Since he is coming in around noon or so, everyone will look like raccoons. Also don't try to shoot in manual. I would shoot in shutter priority to make sure your shutter is fast enough so no one is blurred. Don't let it freak you out, just try your best!

  2. I second what Meghan said. I think you will be fine...calm down and gather your thoughts, and give it your best!
    Friday has a chance for rain in the afternoon, so maybe some clouds will block the sun abit for you.