Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A few more to see...

Here are a few pictures of Daddy seeing his boy and meeting his baby girl! I am so sorry to say that I did not get many of these and the ones I did get, are not so good. So many elements against me, mostly RAIN! By the time he got off the ship, my camera was wet and my CF card full. I was deleting like a mad woman. I was shooting in RAW for the first time and had no idea how fast it would fill up! Lesson #1 learned! I did delete enough to get a few but...missed some good stuff! I was so upset. Then to top it off, my camera just locked up and wouldn't do anything twice! I was a little freaked out but at this point, not much I can do but get in the car and get the camera dry. I feel terrible that I did not get those precious moments. If only they had come in an hour earlier... I am planning a family portrait session with them in late April, before they move so that we can get some"reunion" pictures! I am so excited about it! More to come...


  1. So sweet! It looks like you did a fabulous job, especially considering the weather and delays.
    ALWAYS carry extra cards!! You can fill up the first one, or something can happen to it, etc, so you always need to have at least one backup.
    I guess your RAW problem is another reason why I shoot straight jpg...I love being able to fit hundreds of pics on 1 card! There are pros and cons to both =)

  2. SO precious! Sorry so many elements were working against you, but at least you got some really great shots!

  3. I actually did have 1 extra card but it is a small one and filled up so quick. Guess I better buy a few more! Thanks ladies!