Saturday, March 28, 2009

Welcome home USS Iwo Jima!

WOW, what a day! It was amazing, wet, emotional, fun, cold, aggravating, but mostly it was awesome! First let me say thank you to Kimmie for letting me be a part of their special day. When she asked me to come take pictures of we husband's homecoming I agreed but freaked! I did not think I was ready for this. It was a blast! Kimmie has a beautiful family! I am so excited about the shots I got. I am sad to say that I am having an issue with my second CF card I used. I will be contacting someone soon and I hope to resolve it. It has the pictures of daddy seeing his baby girl for the first time. It also started raining later in the day and that posed a problem for my gear. Towards the end I was just keeping the camera as dry as possible and shooting. Who knows what I got but hopefully we will see. Here is a sneak peek of Kimmie and the kids, oh and grandma who came from Kentucky, waiting on daddy's ship to come in.


  1. So sweet! I'm excited to see more...I hope you can get the issue with the card fixed. I had an issue with a 4gig card, the images would not erase and I couldn't put new ones on! It was a cheap no-name card. I've found that if I stick with SanDisk or Lexar, I have no problems.

  2. Allison, these are wonderful shots! Now... I'm ready to see the reunion pics ;)

  3. Allison, you are so sweet for being there with Kimmy! these pics are so cute! The one with Layla and the flag is priceless! LOVE IT! I am excited to see more!