Monday, March 16, 2009

I am doing the CS3 boogy!!!

Yep I got it today! I am tickled pink!
I am like a kid in a candy shop and now...I am clueless of what I am doing and experiencing a little of the "oh shoot" now I have to learn something else! If only we had 30 hours in a day. Meghan Justice of Justice Photography and my friend edited a few pix I shot from a recent photo shoot that I tagged along wit her on. (See earlier post) It was a challenge but a lot of fun and a learning experience. Thanks Meghan for the edit! You ROCK!!! So here are a few of my pictures that I shot with my complimentary professional edit! Cute, cute kids!


  1. No problem girl! Glad you got CS3! Now you need to go watch a bunch of tutorials! lol

  2. Great shots Allison!! Congrats on getting CS3!

  3. Congrats on CS3...It's addicting! I'll be glad to help you out although it seems I'm learning something new on it all the time!