Friday, March 13, 2009

A new photographer to learn from...

I found a local photographer on the Internet who does amazing work so I sent her an e-mail asking if I could shadow her. I was so excited received a quick reply setting up a time to meet. We had a wonderful cup of coffee and chat and that day I got an e-mail from her asking me if I wanted to come do a beach shoot with her, So...I did! She is amazing. Her name is Becky Breedlove of Becky Breedlove Photography. Check out her site. She is also a military wife, with an adorable little boy. And her photography is awesome! So, crisp, clear and fresh! I had the privilege to not only watch her work but, when I walked up she asked me, "Where is your camera?" She welcomed me, as well as this amazing family, to shoot, not just shadow! Shoot I did! It was a blast! They were a beautiful family. The little guy as you can see was not thrilled with the sand, which was actually kind of cute. He had amazing eyes. And the little princess was exactly that. She had a blast in the sand and loved the camera. I was inspired and learned tons and can not wait to see Becky's pictures! I was a bit unhappy with mine but...I am learning!!! I soooo want a faster lense, too!!! Thank you Becky and this amazing family for this opportunity! Here are a few of my favorites - unedited! Once I figure out Lightroom, I can play and make them POP! :) Editing will make a world of difference. Practice will too! :)
Any tips from you seasoned photographers are very welcomed! :)


  1. Wow Allison, nice shots! That is so cool that you got to shadow and take shots too!! What a learning experience! You got some beautiful shots too, I love the ones of the kids especially that second to the last shot and the two before it!! :)

  2. Allison, you work is coming along great!!! You took some really really great shots. Great job!!

    I also love the work of Becky!!! I looked at her site and I was blown away. What a person to learn from. :D

  3. Yes I am lucky to be learning from some great photographers! Thanks ladies for the compliments and for following my journey!